What is ANP?

ANP is a regionalized not for profit cooperative designed by pharmacists to provide a highly diversified healthcare goods and services portfolio for the benefit of Independent Retail, LTC, Home Infusion, and Speciality Pharmacies.

Why ANP?

  • We assist members in practicing best practice models
  • We listen, act and look out for your best interest and in turn your patient’s best interest so you can serve your community better
  • We know the markets in our states well and provide you with access and protection
  • All Pharmacies in our group successfully grow their business through our benefits, contract enhancements, profitable niches and gained market share
  • ANP helps member pharmacies stay ahead of market shifts and conditions by carefully planning, devising & preparing successful responses to upcoming market condition changes
  • Everything is passed back to members
  • Educational opportunities through annual meetings
  • Unparalleled member support


To provide leadership and vision while serving to help independent pharmacies grow in an ever changing, highly competitive healthcare environment and to make a difference for independent pharmacies and improve their bottom line.

The benefits of our network weigh heavily to our members advantage so you never have to stand alone.

Business Assessment

As Pharmacy business consultants you have access to a unique team available to assist in your business’ success We’re here to discuss your pharmacy needs, questions or concerns and look at possible solutions to challenges your business is currently facing.  We have been scheduling opportunities to meet with businesses individually to introduce you to the range of consulting services we offer our members.  We specialize in conducting these assessments to look for profit centers in your practice as well as pharmacy billing to maximize profitability from the reimbursement side of your operation.

Price of Goods

Each member shall receive a better up-front and reduced Cost of Goods controlled by their generic push through.  ANP stores will purchase goods from Cardinal Health with prices based upon their purchases in accordance with ANP’s aggressive pricing matrices and SOURCE generics will be generously discounted and rebated from the Managed Source/Preferred Source Backup contracts.

ANP Patronage Dividend

ANP members will receive an annual cash rebate from the Association.  This rebate rewards collective and individual generic compliance and will be distributed within the first quarter of the year. and will be based on total generic purchases per store versus the net purchases of the group for the previous year.  (i.e. If the group’s net purchases totaled one hundred million dollars and you purchased $2M the pharmacy is entitled to two percent of the total rebate).

Managed Care Network

ANP reimburses the $199/month Primary Leader fee for all members. Which includes the third party managed care piece, LeaderNET providing access to most third party plans giving pharmacies the ability to compete more effectively with chains for managed care business as well as a Reconciliation component which is included for any member who wishes to join & participate.

Cardinal SOURCE Rebates

We have specially designed progressive rebate matrices for both Retail and Long Term Care businesses. All stores will qualify for these aggressive rebate incentives based on their individual compliance via their generic dollar spend. Each member will be credited monthly per the progressive generic matrices which is aggressive in rewarding individual compliance. These rebates will be paid directly to each member with appropriate documentation receive and will be received monthly in the form of a credit memo.

Generic Substitution Rebate

Price protection is available for any member on the auto-substitution program with 9% compliance or greater; Cardinal Health will credit the difference in price between the Generic Source Program Product and the substituted/shipped generic product within 45 (forty-five) days of each quarter’s end. These rebates are be paid quarterly via credit memo to the store


At any time, at each stores request, , all goods returned within 180 days of purchase will be extended a full credit. Items purchased over 180 days – 13 months will be given a 100% credit less a 10% restocking fee.

Federation of Pharmacy Networks

As a member of FPN, ANP members have additional access to a huge range of vendor contracts, programs and services), which are designed to provide your independent pharmacy with the best available pricing, percentage discounts and rebates.

Conversion Allowance

Each new member will receive a rebate based on their volume paid quarterly over the period of a year

Leader Brand Products Rebate

Each member will receive a quarterly rebate of 2.5% on Leader purchases of $1200-$2499, or 5% on purchases of $2500 or more quarterly (Leader RxAdvantage Credit).

National Community Pharmacists Association

ANP supports the legislative efforts of NCPA through our corporate membership which also entitles ANP pharmacies to a reduced rate to join NCPA and also for those renewing their membership.

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We’re a robust, regionalized cooperative that embraces, protects, advocates, informs, and negotiates for our network of independent pharmacies.

  • Member owned and sharing of the profits in the group
  • Everything is passed back to members
  • Consult, Inform and Educate members on the latest trends and issues relevant to today’s ever-changing independent pharmacy environment.

We offer competitive contracts with our wholesaler, vendors and third party payers to receive the most favorable pricing and rebate incentives.

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